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We have state of art MoEF Approved Laboratory with pilot scale plants for Carrying out the feasibility & Treatability study of Various Effluent. Research & Development and Analytical Lab spread over 10,000 Sq. ft with different species, Plant, Microbes & Earthworms.

GreenBioTM Process Description After carrying out the primary treatment (Collection/Settling) the water can be treated with the Environment friendly GreenBio System. This is the symbiotic process of treatment of water with the help of Specific species of plants, Earthworms & Microbes which are made acclimatized to the specific effluent sample. In such systems the each species are dependent on one or other species for their food.
Very Less Electric power Consumption
No Chemical are required during the treatment
Less Operation & Maintenance Cost
Eco friendly Treatment (No Noise, sludge& odour)
Treated Water can be recycled
It increases the N,P,K Value of the soil
It Increases the Aesthetics of the place
Different Criteria for optimizing the GreenBioTM System
Applications of GreenBio
Vertical System
Different species of Plants
Microbes Stages
Horizontal System
Number of Bio Filters
Industrial Waste Water (Effluent)
Sewage Treatment
Comparative Statement for 100m3/day for GreenBio
Sr. No. Item Conventional system GreenBioTM Technology
1 Capital Cost More Less
2 Chemicals
Technical expertise
Operation & Maintenance cost
No requirement
No requirement
3 Sludge (Secondary) Produced & need to be disposed Not produced
4 Treatment cost per m3 About Rs. 20/- < Rs. 3/-
5 Area required 300-350 m2 0.8 to 1.2 m2/ m3